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Monday, June 16, 2008


Thank you for visiting. Due to popular demand we are in the process of making the source for all things biscochitos even simpler to navigate, while making it easier to order online. But, don't worry, we won't let a little construction stop you from enjoying our biscochitos!

We have been making these traditional gourmet cookies for as long as we can remember–at least seven generations and counting. Now we want to share this almost-lost culinary treat with you.

All of our biscochitos are hand-rolled, hand-cut, and baked fresh. Then they are carefully hand-packaged in a beautiful gift box perfect for you or someone you love. We aim to deliver authenticity and quality in every box. So when you bite into a delicious Santa Fe Biscochito, you really are enjoying a little taste of tradition.

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• One dozen gift box - $20.00

• Biscochito Bites gift bag - $22.00

NEW Piñon Biscochitos: One dozen gift box - $24.00

• Three dozen gift box - $50.00

• Small party platter (for local delivery only) - $60.00

• Large party platter (for local delivery only) - $90.00

Whether you're ordering Santa Fe Biscochitos for a big event or to enjoy on your own we will have your order baked fresh and ready for local delivery or for shipment to anywhere in the U.S.


In its simplest form the biscochito is a variation of a sugar cookie or shortbread. The Santa Fe Biscochito however, is much more. We have perfected the age old culinary art and are sure that you will agree the Santa Fe Biscochito is the finest variation around. From its delicate "melt in your mouth" texture to its equally delicious taste, we're confident a Santa Fe Biscochito will satisfy biscochito connoisseurs and novices alike.

Santa Fe Biscochitos have a unique and intriguing history. Sometimes referred to as the cookie of the Conquistadors, the biscochito was introduced to the New World by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Its true origin, however, can be traced back even further because the recipe was first introduced to Spain by the Moors when they invaded Seville. Therefore, food historians believe the biscochito--like many Spanish cookies--has roots in Medieval Arabic cuisine (hence the sugar, anise and cinnamon spicing!)

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Santa Fe Biscochitos may be thought of as Wine cookies, Afternoon Tea cookies, or Breakfast In Bed cookies. But never dessert. They are gourmet cookies reserved for special occasions ranging from formal celebrations to quaint respites.

"Biscochitos are the conventional accompaniment to wine at christenings and weddings. They are also served to the lady of the house for breakfast in bed with her early morning coffee. Never, however, should they be served as a dessert. And because they are too rich, are not recommended for the children's cookie jar."

- "Food of the Conquerors" by Margaret Abreu, New Mexico Magazine, 1954

Our family's unique biscochito recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. We can trace it back as far as seven generations and are sure it dates back even further. We are proud of our heritage and of this tradition taught to us by our grandmothers, who learned it from their grandmothers.
These generations of experience combined with the finest ingredients are what go into every batch of Santa Fe Biscochitos. That's why everyone in our family knows we make the best biscochitos and are the only ones who can make them "like Tita":

"My earliest memories of baking the cookies were with Tita Nashie. As a matter of fact, I don't recall baking them with anyone else. She made lots of dough and I had my arms in the dough up to my elbows as early as three years old. I remember her six foot round marble table being really cool to roll the dough on. She was very patient with me and never made me feel like I was doing it wrong. I had a great time with her. One thing I remember her telling me is to burn the last batch 'cause it made the cookies taste better...actually my favorite cookies to eat were the toasty ones. I really think she was tired from making them and always forgot the last batch!"

- Emily Duran, Co-founder of Santa Fe Biscochitos

You see, at Santa Fe Biscochitos we have been making these traditional gourmet cookies for as long as we can remember, and now we want to share this almost-lost culinary treat with you. So when you bite into a delicious Santa Fe Biscochito, you really are enjoying a little taste of tradition.

You can look for our booth at select events throughout the year. Here's a list of our festivals in 2008. Click on a link for more information:

57th Annual Traditional Spanish Market, July 26th & 27th

The Santa Fe Wine Festival, July 5th & 6th

We'll post a list of upcoming events as soon as they are scheduled so you can come out and see us!
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"THE best biscochitos! I bought a box at the Lifestyle Expo in Sept. – Yummy!" - Lisa, Albuquerque, NM

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